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Default Need a favor

Hi Folks

My name is Mark and I have been a member of this forum for several years. I am a broadcast engineer at a local television station and though it is a good job and the pay is fair my hours are horrible and have been so for 20 years, I'm looking to get out of the TV business and look into corporate video production. I've a lot of experience in the field however for the past 15 years I've been working exclusively in broadcast control and news production. I don't have a recent reel of anything except some videos I have done for my kids school fundraisers. I am looking to produce something a little more interesting and something I can use to show off my skills. I would like to do a short documentary on motorized bicycles, concentrating on the 2 stroke "Happy Time" or "China Girl" engine.
Here is where you come in. I would love to feature an assortment of riders and builders but I obviously can't go to your location and record you so I had the idea that you record yourself and sending the video clip to me for editing and post production. I would like it shot "interview style" with you answering the following questions:

What made you want a Chinese bicycle engine
What challenges did you face while building the bike
what is your opinion of the culture that surrounds these kits

Also tell a few stories about your adventures on these kits.
In the beginning of the interview please say your name and where you are from.
Send the footage to me via can do all this on your smartphone! (turn it sideways, please)

If you are camera shy but want to contribute to this video you can shoot some footage of you riding the bike, or someone else riding it. If you already have this on youtube send me the link and I can capture that and use it.

Mind you there, won't be any compensation for this project but I will put your name in the credits under "special thanks to"

PM me if you are interested of for more information

I would really appreciate your help. Who knows, it may make our hobby a global phenomenon!
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