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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Got my blast cabinet assembled and tested it out on one of the stingray fork legs... definitely the quickest way to get rid of rust and unwanted chrome... and it leaves just the right surface texture for paint to stick really well... I got the frame stripped down to bare metal and just have a few stubborn areas to go before its completely paintless, but paintless enough for me to inspect all the welds and add more metal where needed...
If I can get to the shop early enough in the morning I plan on de chroming the front sprocet and pedal cranks to get them ready for powder coating.
I'm also waiting for my billet mounts to get here so I can test fit the engine and decide what to do about a fuel tank, I got a few ideas about fabbing a custom tank but the standard peanut tank actually looks decent on this frame.. I would prefer a custom tank tho so that's what'll most likely happen...
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