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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

My progress today was on the Stingray frame stripping off all the paint close to the end of the day at the shop since today was a little slow, but paced just enough that I couldn't mess with either bike without a customer showing up for something.

To strip the frame I still rely on the old tried and true Aircraft Paint remover spray.. just spray it on, wait about 5 minutes and hose off the paint as it blisters off. I got about 95% of the paint off the frame today just using the paint stripper and hosing it off... But while at the shop after my wife got there she was asking me if I needed anything from Harbor freight after seeing this month's coupons... I needed an engine stand but got one before the new coupons got here so I saw they have their big blasting cabinet on sale this month for $179 instead of $299 so I picked one up on the way home tonight as well as a 40lb box of garnet blast media. I'l be able to assemble it in the morning before I have to open up shop and get it up and running so hopefully I'll have time to blast off the chrome from the crank set, the front sprocket, and the fork legs to get them prepped and ready for powder coating.
I'm not going to powder coat the frame or fork legs, but ALL the small p[arts will get powder coated either black or lime green, then after everything is clean, chrome free, rust free, and painted I'l do some airbrushing to the frame and tank. I don't want to go graphics crazy or overload it with airbrushing, but a few little touches here and there can really change the way the bike will look. My plan for the airbrushing is to do some green true fire in key areas and keep the rest of the bike solid... well... maybe a litle pinstriping, but I'll decide more on that when the time comes, it's real easy to overload something like a bike frame or tank with too many grapics so I'll decide how I want it to look when I get closer to ready to paint everything.

For the mountainbike... No progress today... just not enough time, and I still need to make time to go to the welding supply shop and get my argon refilled... it really drives me nuts everytime I get ready to do something on that bike and realize I need to weld things back up first...
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