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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

"Blue, I've got a red 26" Huffy rear wheel with 12 ga spokes if you need it. The bearing races look good --- though I wouldn't reuse the 'guts'.

The price with shipping would be ----- "gratis". Just let me know if you need it." --xseler

A nice, nice offer, xseler. Thanks a bunch. The community spirit in this forum is inspiring.

I don't expect that I'll need to take you up on that offer since wheels are just not that expensive. If I lose my job, or something like that, then maybe I'll be knocking on your door.

There's been a time or two when I've noticed some poor soul who needs a part that I happen to have, and have no use for. I've tended to not step forward because I've never felt that the stuff I need is so expensive that I can't just buy it. And I tend to think that the same thing applies to most of those who I see here.

But that may not be strictly true. A few posts have made it clear that the writer is unemployed or under-employed. For them a wheel, say, could well be out of reach. I'll have to try to keep an eye out for such folks and then pay offers like this forward.

Thanks again.
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