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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

"e sure you're not over tightening the bearings, they need to be snug with little to no play in them but over tightened bearings of those type will fail quickly.

What kind of grease are you using?...........

......................just a slight amoun5 of play in the bearing is better than a bearing of that type that is to tight." --Mapbike.

It all sounds like good advice, Map. And I'll bet that my trouble does lie somewhere in the bearing adjustment/grease issue.

When adjusting my bearings I tighten the cone until I can feel no play in the bearing. Then I run the lock nut up against the cone. I, mostly, loosen the cone against the lock nut rather than tightening nut against cone. And I think I adjust things fairly well. But maybe I'm getting them a bit too loose. Maybe. I'll have to keep on working it until I find something that I'm certain is right.

The grease I've been using is basic, cheap red stuff from the auto dept at the Beast of Bentonville. Maybe I'd better try something of higher quality.

And I will inspect those races. If another hub, or wheel, is in order then so be it. I'll get this stuff right sooner or later. I just hope it isn't way, way later.
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