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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I've been having a bit of trouble with my rear wheel.

Last Thursday I was on my way to work when the rear wheel suddenly locked up. It definitely looked as though the brake was applying without back-pedaling. (single speed, coaster brake.) I tried to free it up for a bit. Then I gave up, locked the bike to a guardrail and walked the rest of the way. Picked it up with my car that evening and took it home.

I got my chance to work on it yesterday. Took that hub apart and found that the left wheel bearing was toasted. Replaced it, put it back together carefully, rode it a couple hundred feet and all seemed okay. (Used my last spare bearing, too. But I'll soon get more on hand.)

Took it out for a longer test run. Got about a half mile from home and she really seized up this time. My brake arm is now twisted into a horseshoe shape. I don't doubt for a moment that I'll find that bearing shredded again. Probably other damage as well.

So today I took the rear wheel from my old Huffy Cranbrook and put that on. A couple mile test run showed no trouble. I want to adjust the wheel just a bit more and take it for another test run here shortly. But it feels like it's roadworthy.

So next I'll get new guts for a Shimano CB-E110 and rebuild my primary hub. I'm gonna have to figure out just what mistake I'm making in installation/adjustment. I've gone through more bearings than I ought to. It's the bearing under the brake arm that gives me trouble.
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