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Default Re: Does the engine sound right?

Originally Posted by proneto911 View Post
been tinkering with the engine i managed to do a sound file tonight let me know how it sounds. It has about 500 miles on the engine was on a straight away managed to do 30ish in 50 degree weather on a 48t sprocket on the second to top setting in the jet pin (5 slot) with a B6HS spark plug. On 74:1 opti-2 (one package of oil to 1 gallon of gas. Have the original metal gasket still. i do see that around the cylinder edges it is slightly bent and charred not sure if that matters.

Link is about 9 1/2 min you can skip to 8:15 min mark to my concern on the engine. it sputters a little and feels like it goes in and out acceleration wise wheel is straight and without the rail on the frame (the plastic pulley type thing in the kit)

i am going to be getting a 26" 12 guage bike wheel free wondering if it would help not breaking spokes from the stress on the spokes from the original nylon adapter from the kit getting chewed up

Any suggestions would be helpful

Not able to listen to the sound since Im at work right now, but I can tell you YES, getting a good wheel with 12ga spokes is an ideal set up in my opinion for using the rag joint coupler, I've had broken spokes on wheels with 14ga spokes, but have yet to have a single spoke issue on my wheels that have 12ga spokes.
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