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Default Re: New Project - Help Please!

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
I think you made the right decision.
Take as many spare 29"tires as you can .... Some parts are hard to find south of the boarder ....
It was the only decision to make in the end. I would have loved to be buzzing through the countryside on a speed bike, but that just was not reality. Someone said to but a 125cc scooter and use that in Mexico, and while that could have been an option, locating one of those would have been hard enough.

This trip already has enough challenges as it is!

Thanks again for all of your help everyone!

EDIT: I have just returned from a local bike shop, The tech there said I am on the right track redistributing the load. He agreed I could get thinner tires, but the tires I already have are not that aggressive. Also, I could get a cushier seat but that = more weight. The only thing he could advise was a different type of sock. They had a few good pairs there for around 12 bucks a pair. Buying something like socks online can be finicky at best, And I'm a size 15!

In the end, I could get a touring bike but he also agreed some places I will be going will not be "touring bike friendly"

I might go talk with REI in Phoenix about some things, but ultimately that would mean returning lots of gear. I just don't know if I am willing to shave a pound off my tent for some cavelike tiny dwelling. I like my tent. I'll work on lightening and redistributing the load and see where I am at from there.

For now that's the update!

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