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Default Re: new to the motorbicycle world

Welcome aboard.

The consensus around here is definitely against any kind of buffer in the motor mounts. On the grounds that it usually makes things even worse. I've had decent luck with a few different types of buffer. But even my successes didn't make things any smoother that I could tell. It just didn't make vibration any worse. On balance, I don't bother with it anymore.

I can't help you much with idle. You're right in that that screw by the tickler is the adjustment. But I've never gotten the hang of adjusting the idle right on these china girl engines. Mine either stall or they race when I come to a stop. Not liking the sound of a revving 2 cycle engine, I simply lower my idle to the point that the engine stalls when I pull in the clutch with no throttle. I kinda like the silence when I'm, say, sitting at a red light. And I'm willing to pedal start the engine when the light turns green because I kinda want that exercise anyway.
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