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Default Re: new to the motorbicycle world

Originally Posted by NeilJams View Post
Sorry wrong terminology. I was talking about the JNM super mount kit that has rubber bushings that rest between the engine and the bike frame. I think I'm gonna need them so it vibrates a little less. I'll check the cpin tomorrow to check what notch it's on.

Thanks for the help.
Welcome to the forum. If you would, give a link to that vibrations kit. Generally it is recommended to have a solid mount. If someone comes up with something that actually does work to dampen vibration at the engine mounts (who knows?) I'm all for it since it is the reason I gave up on China girl motors... my hands would tingle at the end of a ride. 4 strokes were the answer for me, but it would be a good thing if somebody came up with a real solution. (No, I'm not talking about filling the handlebars with anything or foam grips... actually dampening the vibrations coming through the frame. I'm skeptical, but also hopeful.
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