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Cool new to the motorbicycle world

Hi everyone my name is Neil,

I just finished my first build(sorry site wouldn't let me post my pics) and I have a few questions.

Firstly, where can I find detailed instructions (preferably video or visually aided) on how to properly adjust the carb on a 66cc engine kit? My cpin and cwasher are aligned with the plungers groove where the throttle cable goes through and I haven't messed with the cpins height yet (I don't know how to). I have the adjuster on the carb cap opened a little and I haven't messed with the screw and spring by the tickler yet, I think I have to to turn it cw or ccw until my engine properly idles and stays idle while disengaged. But am not for sure still researching.

*I would like to put on quality american hex style bolts that will fit my 66cc enine kit. Does anyone know where I can buy some?

Update: after some research on carbs, I believe I understand how to tune it now...thanks to all who contribute to providing information and solutions to troubleshooting motorbicycles. I'll be using this site a lot I'm sure.

Thanks a million, hope to see you on the road.

My 2nd attempt to post a picture. testing 1 2 3


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