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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I'm still looking for an older post where a guy made a differential out of a set of freewheels, but in the process I see most people who use one harvested the differential out of old lawn tractors etc...

I do agree on the stability issues with one wheel up front vs 2 wheels up front, but stability can be added by lowering the center of gravity ( rider bight) and/ or widening the track of the rear wheels. Another way to help keep one from tipping is to use longer forks like a chopper with a steep rake angle,if raked correctly the front tire will begin to lose traction if the turn is too fast well before a rear wheel could lift off. This also helps the rider get used to the way the trike handles without the fear of tipping over.
I went on a ride a few years ago when I told my friend I couldn't ride since I just had back surgery about 3 weeks earlier... the guy tells me to take his trike... and I'm thinking " ya ... right" but he insisted I ride his 2009 Harley tri glide ultra classic so I agreed and we went for a ride with my wife and I on the trike and he rode his softail. He noticed I was hanging back at the turns and catching back up on the straights so he told me not to worry it wont tip over. Then he told me he was trying to lift off one wheel once after he got it just to see how quickly he could safely go around a corner. He told me the front tire will start to skid out but the back tires never left the pavement. After that I kept up with him the rest of the way to bandera Texas and all the back roads back to San Antonio... the trike was as stable as he told me it was and it did give plenty enough warning if I got too aggressive in the turns so there was plenty enough time to back off...
I'm sure one could set up a utility trike the same way by either moving the front wheel further forward or moving the rider further back and lower on the trike... just food for thought while setting this thing up for the guy...
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