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Default Re: New Project - Help Please!


I love the encouragement but keep in mind you were on a UNLOADED huffy. The only practical way to do this with Post 9-11 being in my path was to keep the bike a bike. I did a cross-country scooter (think 150cc) trip in 2011-12. I don't really look forward to oil changes, engine parts, 50 pounds of tools. I know with a motor or electric drive I would surely have to stop for maintenance. Plus when it came time to fly to another country I would either have to strip the bike or leave it behind.

Also as a bonus I can keep my 29" wheels. I hope putting racks on the low end of everything, shaving weight where I can, and reworking this will be enough.

There were plenty of hills where I DID NOT get off my bike on that training trip, but 7 miles up a 5% grade that pure **** for anyone, never mind pulling 65+ pounds behind you!

I am not proud I failed my original test trip, but Hey I knew when enough was enough, and I am sure in Mexico or whatever I will also be able to hitch rides.

TO give you all an idea of what I face this is a screenshot of ONE of my legs in the mountains of Mexico, Yes training and reworking of the whole bike setup will be crucial.


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