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Default Re: New Project - Help Please!

Sounds like you made your choice... and probably the best choice to be made is to lighten the load and work your way up to becoming able to make those hills and tough spots so an engine or motor won't be needed.

I remember when I was 24 years old I just out of the blue decided to buy a mountainbike to help me get back in shape after doing my mile and a half run for the Air force and ending up so sore for almost a week... I used to run 10 miles a day in high school and when I went thru boot camp at 19 years old a mile and a half could be done still breathing normally as I crossed the finish line... I just couldn't beleive how sore I got after that PT test... and that I did the mile and a half in 13 minutes when I used to do it in about 8...

Anyway, after that humiliating reality that I was that far out of shape (funny how that's considered out of shape at that age) I decided to get myself back into shape... I bought a cheap Huffy mountainbike and decided to start riding it to work and leaving the car at home... Work was about 7 miles from home but I could cut thru fields and such to get there a little quicker... so that's what I did at any chance, but this only shortened the whole trip by about 1/2 mile....
Then... there was this Huge steep hill that linked Kelly AFB to Lackland AFB and this was my place to see how fast I could go on this biuke... I think my official record was 47mph but unofficially I was probably doing above 50 since I had to duck out of the airstream to hit the speeds I was shooting for, but raise my head way up in order to see how fast I was going, and no matter how quick I could raise my head up then try to focus on that little digital readout I would always see 47, 46, 45, 44, 43, 42, and so on in very rapid succession...
Then I would work the day as an F-16 crew chief and time to ride back home... um.. remember that hill ya had to come down to get here? ... GUESS what's facing you if ya wanna go home... Yup, That's right... right there in front of me I got this hill that's about 1/2 mile or so up hill and quite steep... I tried it pedaling as far as I could and had to get off the bike and push the first few days heading home... Then before the week was over I decided I was NOT getting off the bike to push it up the hill (remember, I was 24 years old and should be in a lot better shape... so I thought at that age... ) Well, to my satisfaction, I made it!!!
I ended up shifting down to those ultra low gears and told myself "DO NOT get off this bike" and I made it... I was beat by the time I crested the top, but I made it. Next day I did the same but realized half way up the steepest part that I was wasting a LOT of energy staying in the lower gears so I kept it in low on the middle chainring instead, I made it... again, but with energy to spare... I was wearing myself out the first few tries because I was in too low of a gear to pull that far, but plenty strong enough to pull the hill in the higher gear ranges.
As the weeks went by, this hill became easier and easier.. most the time I just kept the front sprocket on the big chainring and down shifted just to the middle gears, and didn't even bother going to the lower gears... I was also able to pull this hill and maintain about 7mph when I was at my prime and in tip top shape... I lost about 16lb in about 2 1/2 weeks, then gained back about 8 lb in the following months. My calves got huge at this time too... but all good things came to an end and I ended up working somewhere else where it actually was too far to ride unless I got up an extra hour early... and I was never a morning person.

So after this long winded story, what I'm trying to say is that you can do this too... just ride every day and try to go a little further each time you're out, try to go a little further up that hill you need to get off and push your bike up, keep it up and you'll eventually make it to the top...
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