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Default Re: New Project - Help Please!

Originally Posted by knightscape View Post
After a few weeks in the saddle, you won't find many hills you can't climb. You'll break down some bits of your body you didn't know were there, but you'll be amazed how fast you get stronger in those riding specific muscles while riding loaded every day. I just read your shakedown posts. From what you said about your bike feeling tippy out of the saddle, a good set of front lowriders will really help you out. Safe journey to you!
I can imagine, I had some severe pains the first day, the second day they werent as bad, the wind did me in though.

As for the bike i am now looking at

Front rack and panniers down low on the wheel
Back rack and panniers
top rack open to lash tent too
putting sleeping back on handlebars (rig something)

Ideally I want to have less then 15 lbs on a side of each tire, hopefully if I redistribute the load and keep it down "low" I should be able to balance the weight.

That and redoing the electronics will shave off some weight as well!

I am open to continuing the thread with just general touring advice, I didnt know that was the type of people I would find here!

ANYTHING you guys have to say to help would be great, and for those of you who are following me on Twitter or my site part 3 of the shakedown ride along with some interesting stats will be out tomorrow

Again Thanks for the support!

(EDIT Im also going to start doing fully loaded rides from my place to the Phoenix Raceway and back at least 3 times a week, this is a 24 mile 1 way trip. Hopefully this will break me and the bike in proper!
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