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Default Re: New Project - Help Please!

Best of luck with your endeavor. I hope we didn't come across as doomsayers or wet blankets to your plans but we tried to offer some objective observations and maybe a touch of reality to what you want to do.

Motorized bicycles, either gas or electric are more tuned toward the hobbiest or 'weekend warrior' type of rider as opposed to treks of the nature that you anticipate.
That's not to say it can't be done. There have been several long distance rides accomplished by a couple of our members but you need to keep in mind that they were experienced motorized bike builders who constructed their bikes with the sole purpose of extended trips in mind.

As is evident from questions asked and problems encountered by new builders it would be difficult for us to send you on your way into an area with little to no support without first making you aware of the potential pitfalls. If you had a couple of years experience under your belt, building and riding a motorized bicycle I'd be more optimistic in cheering you on. However, a new bike, an inexperienced builder in the areas you anticipate traveling seems a bit 'iffy'.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun, ride safe and best of luck.
Consider photographically sharing your trip with us upon its completion.

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