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Default Re: New Project - Help Please!

Hello Everyone

I wanted to thank you all for your valued input in this project. When I started this idea I had a few things that no matter what I decided I would have to deal with as obstacles, they are

1. fuel or charging stops in areas remote
2. extra weight/drag of an engine and the cost of that weight
3. The cost of rehabbing the bike or buying a new one from scratch
4. Purchasing high-quality equipment that would not fail easily
5. getting an airline to allow these things on the plane/ cost of shipping them over ground to start point

After considering all factors, and reviewing similar trips (well sort of) of this nature I have decided to focus my money and my resources into lightening the load, and balancing it better. By doing so, this will serve two fold

1. I will have no issues with airlines, no worries about shipping costs
2. I will be lighter and able to handle most obstacles/ push easier on hill that I cannot climb on the bike

the immediate task before me is spending a fraction of the money that it would cost on a setup that is not even guaranteed to work on replacing older heavier items. My current electronics setup includes a tablet with a full dock, a netbook that is slightly older, a cell phone which does not really take up too much weight.

Replacing those items will cost a bundle. Also, I will look at a rack that will allow me to move some stuff to the front of the bike. I figure if I put 10 pounds of gear on each side of each wheel that would give it a nice distribution. Although I cannot do anything about the wind or hills this is a bike trip. Trying to put a motor or electric hub on this thing is both outrageously overpriced and brings problems where there should be solutions

For now all I can do is shed pounds, balance the load better, and press on!

I feel confident now in sharing the link to my blog should any of you wish to follow my adventures, again I thank you all for your help

Follow me anytime at
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