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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I know the feeling... just took on a new project to build up but wanted to do some last touch ups to my main ride so 2 weekends ago I had enough time to get the engine out and do some final welds before taking it all the way apart for paint... then I notice there's a crack in the frame... go to weld it shut and I'll be back on track with that I'm gonna do but blow a hole in the frame tube while welding. I cut out that section of frame and see how thin this tubing really is so next thing I'm cutting out the bottom tube, bending a new tube, and all set up and ready to weld it in but I'm out of argon for my tig setup, don't want to use the mig on it, and my sawzall is at home so I cant really get a nice clean cut to splice in the new bottom tube so now that bike is still apart awaiting enough free time for me to finish these repairs and do the painting I originally planned to do.
Being dead in the water on that one I began taking apart the stingray I got a few weeks ago to strip it down to bare metal, beef up the frame in a few places, and get it repainted. Some of the parts were a lot rustyer than I thought so ive been wire brushing all the parts with rust on them... like all the chrome parts, then powder coating these parts as I get them rust free and ready. The frame its self and the fork tubes will just get regular paint since my powder coat oven is way too small. I'm not in a hurry to get this one done since I want it to be setup just the way I planned with the billet mounts, solid layback seat post and cloud9 seat, ape hanger bars, and I may build up a girder type front end for a smoother ride but excellent handling... I want this one to be able to ride safely at 45+ mph as well so I will spend the extra time and effort on the frame before I start thinking about installing the engine, wheels, forks, etc.
I am also really tempted to put my old engine into my son's bike just to get me back up on 2 wheels sooner while I'm doing the repairs to the mountainbike frame since his bike has the same frame and I can just transfer my parts to his frame pretty quickly... of course, if I did that it would be about when he got interested in the bike again and want it back...
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