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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

"Just like chocolate one motor-bicycle is never enough." --Intrepid Wheelwoman.

I know just what you mean. Right now I have a motored bike that I'm happy with plus a pedal bike that I'm happy with. But........there's a bike for motorizing in my basement right now that I'm feeling the urge for. I'd have built it by now if it weren't that there are higher priorities. But it won't be long.

But I did have a breakdown on my current motorized bike yesterday morning on the way to work. It won't be a really difficult fix. But my workweeks are fairly intense. So it'll be Monday before I can do the repairs. (And that puts the new bike back a bit again, of course.)

So in the meantime, it's either the pedal bike or the car for me.

Bummer. But, then, repairs really are just a part of the game, aren't they?
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