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Default Re: Aluminum bicycles

Hi Ya'll I'm reading all this aluminum stuff & I think that this could be risky. Before trying this out, I would consult with some real knowledgeable guy that can tell you whether or not this is safe. I say this because this hobby is just getting off the ground,and there are gonna be accidents with some these homemade bikes due to improper calculations,frame failures (metal fatigue) rear wheel spoke failure.and a host of many other factors. Higher speeds is another tricky thing,that may make this hobby get a bad reputation. I realize that everyone wants to optimize there bike to being better and faster. But this may prove to be the down fall of this very simple way of commuting, thus giving the authorities reason to make new and more restrictive laws governing there use. Right now most states hardly recognize these gas bikes. Bottom line is that if you feel the need to go real fast don't do it here, get a motorcycle. This quest for more and more could be the end of this hobby.
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