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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Same here with resizing my pics... MSpaint is at least good for that...

Not much done on the Stingray today... just de rusted my front sprocket and pedal cranks... I really need to get me a blast cabinet so I can take the chrome off the parts so I can start powder coating them... So far the parts I've powdercoated last weekend turned out really nice so I'm definitely gonna get more colors and hopefully a curing lamp so I can do bigger parts... like frames... The toaster oven works great by preheating to 400, then placing the parts in and setting the timer for 15 minutes then letting the parts cool gradually. My friend showed me a trick when powder coating to get a shinier finish or if a touch up is needed, the part can be taken out of the oven and re sprayed while hot, the powder will stick to the hot surface and can be built up pretty thick, but also if a touch up is needed like either something didn't get coated good enough and metal is showing thru or something touched the part etc, this trick works wonders...
I'm still learning the ins and outs of powder coating, but the last batch to go thru the oven came out a LOT better than the first few things I did...
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