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Question New Project - Help Please!

BTW: i attempted to post this thread at a forum called Motorizedbikes, they have some of the WORST code and rules over there! If your looking for answers thats not the place to go!

Well hello everyone, my name is Jay. I am the creator of a very popular Adventure travel blog. I will leave those details off the forum as it won’t help the search engines picking up this topic for me at this point.

Recently I did a test ride for around (what was supposed to be 350 miles) 100 miles to prepare for a 3000 mile trip through Central America. The first 58 days starts in Mexico, and there are some serious elevation gains in this trip. The mountains alone have some staggering elevation gains. After the test trip which had a spot where there was a 7 mile hill that climbed from 800 feet ASL to around 3500 feet ASL I knew something would have to be done. Because this is a trip based on “everything on your back” I am not just riding my bike tooling through the countryside with a backpack. In this post is a photo showing the bike and the load I will carry.

My obstacles are this

1. I have a “29er” which I am now finding out may have been the wrong bike to buy
2. I have the space taken up by my frame bag that would normally accommodate an engine/battery pack
3. I need to keep all my gears on this bike; I am not interested in changing to a single gear set.
4. I have rear pannier systems that will need to stay where they are, again probably interfering with many gas/electric installs
5. I have no issue changing back to 26” or modifying a kit to work with my “29s” but I do not have the information to do this at this point
6. I have a front suspension fork, I do not know if for electric hubs this would not allow them to run or be installed

The advantages I have are

1. I am not looking to turn my bike into a cross country speed scooter
2. I am only looking for an “Assist” to help me on some of the huge hills, the rest will be under my own steam
3. I think the added weight of a kit will be an acceptable tradeoff for the benefits
4. I have worked on scooters, bikes, electric scooters a lot, so I understand the mechanics to a competent degree

The final product would need to be

1. Lightweight
2. Able to go on an airliner
3. Somewhat easy to fix if it had an issue
4. Parts available
5. Be able to fit/adapt to my frame without destroying the entire bike
6. Be able to handle the load of myself as well as the full gear (the total weight of my gear is between 42-47 pounds) this is supported by rear panniers, a tent and sleeping bag and a few other items lashed to the back of the bike as seen in the photos!

As you can see I have a specific challenge in front of me. I also have not decided if electric or gas will serve me better. I am leaning towards electric just for the noise factor alone, but will not rule out a gas install either. I don’t even know if gas engines are allowed on an airliner.
The whole thing will be built and tested here in Phoenix. My end goal is to get a kit capable of “helping” me up some very big hills, and let me do all the rest of the riding myself

I know for some this seems like a big cheat but I don’t care, my sponsors for this trip understand what I am doing and fully support it.

BTW, I reached out to Golden Eagle Bikes, I thought their setups were cool; I have never met such an arrogant bunch of people in my life. They sniffed at me when they found out my bike had “29s”

I guess this post is a start on two different forums (electric and gas) to find out my options, pricing, timing, and building. I would appreciate any advice/suggestions.

I really do not want to sell the bike that was provided for this trip. I like it lots and want to hold onto it if at all possible


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