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Default Re: Bottom gasket...wth?

good advice, I will look into that, I ended up shearing the original bolts that came with the tensioner...I had two hardened steel self tapping screws that worked perfectly after I drilled the holes to size...I need a spring tensioner for the chain I'll just make one outta some scrap steel I have laying around...gotta adjust the engine again cuz the sprocket is grabbing yet once again...pretty sure the off roading I did jiggled the engine a little...I just got a new 415 heavy duty nickel plated chain, it was almost long enough, needed a half link to be long enough so I have a bit of old chain, that I cut off when I originally installed the motor hooked up to two masterlinks, not ideal I know, I'm going to get a chain breaker and riveter to solve that problem, and another looks really good tho, nice and shiny, I figured the nickel plating would add some abrasion resistance to it...

just for the heck of it, I took the muffler cap off and farted around town, I liked how it sounded, but it was just too loud...hearing is important when figuring out if the bike is running right or not...might have end a slight increase in top end thing I'm going to do is put a brace on the muffler to keep it from shaking...

one thing that hasn't really happened is stripped studs on the motor itself...except for one exhaust stud that sheared...and I really torqued them all down pretty good...but I got the hardware upgrade anyways...

I've spent close to what a decent used moped goes for, but as I took advantage of today, with a motorized bike, I can still pedal if something happens like running out of gas...
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