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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
That's a great idea for making a tank and nice job on cutting up a few of the propane bottles to give it the capacity you're looking for... Personally I would just grind or power sand all the paint off and then clear coat it to show the braze joints, but either way it'll work great and look just as good... I'll most likely fab my own tank for the Stingray once I get it that far along but I'm not even gonna start on it until the bike is at least at the roller stage of the build. I'm just in the process of de rusting a lot of parts, buying parts that were either missing or rusted beyond help etc right now....
Well Dave if my brazing was a bit cleaner and more uniform that would look nice and I actually considered that, but it was a bit rough in a couple places and I already sprayed the thing with truck bed liner, it d8dnt turn out good at all, I think the can I got must have been old or just a bad product, I've used a different type on it before and it worked nice but this stuff is crap.....

I may see if I can strip it down again and redo it another way, the stuff I got was suppose to be a better thicker textured type and its junk.... I cant believe anyone would spray that mess in the bed of their truck.......

Im sure it will have to be ground off if I decide to go that route, oh well we live and learn with this type of stuff dont we.
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