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Default Re: New engine trouble 66 cc.

Naw, that's his same bike he has 1 pic of sitting on his washer form months ago when he was going on about other stuff under another couple different names.

Originally Posted by BOYGOFAST View Post
I see an insist to run the entire planet completely out of context ..
I suggest you see a new optometrist or maybe a skin doctor if it's a cist (hard to tell with your typing) and change glasses or get a biopsy ;-}

Did you get a thrill with an e-mail notification someone actually replied to a topic you started and acknowledged you exist?

Ya sure, I understand, you don't care what kind of attention it is, even bad, so long as you get attention.

I have been hosting G-rated gaming sites for well over a decade and actually turned a few kid's lives around they have contacted me about with a little advice and monitoring.

If you give it a little thought I think you find you don't have make stuff up, people will talk to you but it has to be the REAL you, do you understand that 1st step?
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