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Default Re: New engine trouble 66 cc.

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
My god that is just too mind numbing to try to read.
So you didn't just spin the head...
And you still haven't built anything that runs...

Have fun doing things 'better', if nothing else it's entertaining when readable and too late for not being know as a trouble maker, way to late ;-}
He is THE GUY, I KNOW IT. He's the guy that writes ALL the Chinese instruction manuals. So what is he saying? That this is NOT his bike. Just a pic of some other guy's bike. GOOD GOD MAN, STOP and build a bike. I've never asked this question in my life, cause I don't care, BUT, Are you Chinese? You perhaps should get some help with your writing skills.But hey, I'm still here and still trying.

PS. And he still never answered why he would use the name of a known vender as his own.

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