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Default Re: New engine trouble 66 cc.

OK,here's at least one picture of a 66 cc 1930's Wards Cadet, it's the original series not a copy from the early 1940's so I'm to understand of it with stamping on the frame. 50 mm bottom bracket with conversion kit. So no problem the engine I've installed demanded close inspection and for one the piston installed in it will not fuel the secondary. OK, still runs no less now find needs to install a J 68 closed cup needle bearing found a bushing when I disassembled it do you lose one ? The connecting rod do the excessive amount of play in the assembly so far as my preferences but likely it meets the standards. All said and done can run a single ring a cut the top of the piston with a file to fuel the secondary or install the GT-5 piston with the 2.5 mm higher wrist pin center. Taking a second or so beyond that to grind off a 1/2 oz off the connecting rod with a high speed grinder while it's awaiting reassembly could become part of the reassembly process and now it that it, no need two find out how much machine oil I should keep in the bottom of the crankcase to keep the closed cup lubricated.Excluding any needs to find a wrist pin or cut one of my titanium drill bit to make one that I can't purchase that's about it.Sure excluding replacing bent spokes re positioning the fasteners on a 44 t steel sprocket and getting an~1/4'' x 2'' x 3'' rear engine mount welded little China Girl don't get hurt trying to bang herself off the frame held down by those cheap aluminum handcuffs they provide it the kits yeah sure what's your question ?
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