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Default Re: New engine trouble 66 cc.

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Fuel, compression, spark at the right time, air, correct timing and it will run.

Make sure you're getting fuel to carb, make sure you have spark, make sure intake gasket and head gasket are tightened corectly and sealed off.

plenty of info on here to be found using search feature on how to test for all these things.

bes5 wishes and hope you get it going.

PS: forget about mods to anything and concentrate on just getting an engine running and tuned properly, otherwise you'll likely just be working against yourself since you don't have the basics down yet.
Granted, all issues related to my preferences are my own, just taking a quick look at the manufacture of the connecting rod without much else tells me it appears to insist upon a closed cup needle bearing with that alone enough said. I'm the least likely the last one to point out there's too much tolerance for adding a thousandths or two or eight. Anyway my observation is more likely accurate less likely arguable without continuing into how much weight I can grind off OR ADD here or there anyway forget I'd suggest light machine oil by a ounce or so and a J 68 OK ? Matter of FACT forget I can read and write as well . Don't won't to be known as a troublemaker.
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