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Default Re: New engine trouble 66 cc.

Controlled is an understatement Davezilla, anyway I just purchased a new J 68 closed cup needle bearing for a nearly new 66 cc. It's cold steel another word for drop forged should I recall correctly in the description strongest on the market @ less than ten dollars with ship. Now not to complain about those rambling on and on but I asked a simple question and had to look over the setup once again due none of the brains I'd requested reply from could forward one single reply worth consideration. Yeah I'm picky about the assemble due it is new anyway light bearing oil is recommended and a splash of 10 w is all I have so an trace of it will followup just for ha ha's in the crankcase but only after I get at the piston AND connecting rod and wrist pin with a dremel for a minuet or two..NO WAY !

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