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Default Re: DEI Hi-Temp Silicone coating

Nothing wrong with doing up your exhaust with that stuff but check to see if it cures at room temperature or if it needs to be cooked at like 500 degrees... some of these wont cure at normal temps and will rub off any surface that didn't cure. The exhaust may or may not get hot enough to cure it if you're running a nice expansion chamber with a decent size stinger etc...

For the engine, I wouldn't coat the cylinder or the head with anything that can hold heat in or insulate the heat... you can paint the cases with whatever you wish, but if you do paint the jug or head you'll want something that goes on really thin and can take about 400 degrees and most paints can do this...
on an air cooled engine you want as much heat transfer off the cylinder and the head as possible so its best to just leave it bare aluminum or if you do paint, put it on just enough to change the color for best heat transfer.
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