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Default Re: New engine trouble 66 cc.

Originally Posted by BOYGOFAST View Post
I've got only 20 miles on a brand new 66 cc engine
All right BGF!
You finally built something and rode it!

I am so tempted to give you the same kind of nonsensical 'help' you regularly put in other peoples help posts it makes my nuts hurt but I'll bite...

Did you pull the jug off, or just spin the head?
Do you have a real torque wrench?
Did you torque the head nuts down to 20# in an X pattern?
Did you try ANY of YOUR 'advice' things to it?

I for one want to see a pic of this bike you built that runs.
No offense but come on, I take everything you say with a cup of salt and wouldn't put making something up so people would respond to past you.
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