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Default Re: Skyhawk frame build / thoughts

Originally Posted by Agreen View Post
After some very VERY meticulous measuring and tack welding (repeat) i got the forks extended. It took more time verifying the tube was straight than the actual welding. It's straight though!

Gotta get to a computer to resize the picture...

A new question popped up though. Why us the seat post so big? It measures about 1.075". All my seat posts flop around in there. Think "hotdog in a hallway".

One seat post measures 0.955", and the other is 1.000". Still 0.075" of free play with the biggest one, and that's still a lot. We're not talking horseshoes or hand grenades here!
If you want to use a smaller post you can buy a seat post shim, ebay etc. measure your seat post diameter in mm & the frames seat tube (inside dimension) in mm. Many different sizes of tubes used in bikes over the years, you could also just buy the correct post, 6 of one...half a dozen the other.
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