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Default Skyhawk frame build / thoughts

I just got my Skyhawk aluminum frame in yesterday and started piecing the bike together. I thought I could just transfer over everything I have from 1 or 2 of my existing bikes, but I was seriously wrong...

Let me just start by saying that I'm not a bicycle mechanic. I have worked in the automotive industry as a technician for many years, and joined the Navy since, and I now work on reactor electrical systems.

So when the kit came in I figured it would be easy to just piece the bike together and get it mocked up the way I wanted it, tear it back down and powder coat everything, and be done before the day was over. I got almost nowhere.

The idea I had in my mind was something simple and pleasing to look at. Rigid, curved forks, rim brakes up front, coaster drum brake in the back, single speed, fat tires, satin black with huge white walls. A very classic look.

I started with the forks. I have several donor bikes. A ladies' Schwinn Del Mar, an old huffy free spirit (from like '97?) a Schwinn mountain bike, and a cranbrook-esque bike that says "good vibrations" on the chain guard. I decided that "good vibrations" is in too good of shape to tear apart, so I'd leave it alone. The free spirit is rickety as he11 and I also wanted to have a single speed, so that ruled it out twice, along with the Schwinn mtn bike. So I start dismantling the Del Mar. Lo and behold, the damn forks don't fit. I knew I needed 1-1/8" steer tube forks, and this one is 1". So I figured I could find 1-1/8" OD tubing at a hardware store and cut/weld a new steer tube... nope. Check. Bike stores? Maybe they have a solution? Every single one said I HAVE to get 1-1/8" threadless forks. But nobody had any! And (apparently) finding 1-1/8" threadless, rigid, and curved forks is going to be hard to do. Long story short, turns out they're liars and I don't need threadless, they just wanted me to spend the extra money. I even bought a stem from one shop thinking I'd need it when I finally find those "rare" forks. I put the suspension forks from the mtn bike on and they fit just fine. Only a little short, so I'm going to cut the steer tube in half and extend it 20mm with the 1" steer tube I cut off the Del Mar. Liars...

More pictures to come as I actually get work done.
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