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Default Re: newbie with engine questions 1st post

Originally Posted by vw_bug_lady_biker View Post
I had looked at them but was trying to go less expensive also I do not like a few things with it but that is the way it has to be made to be universal I would have to make a new set of brackets to mount that so it wouldnt have all the holes & would look more eye pleasing.

next since they used a jackshaft I wondered why they couldnt use a shifter kit as an option or maybe have to fab one myself & if I go with the china engines I would plan to eventually go with a shifter kit. my husband liked the titan kit but if money wasnt an object would look at a stratton with the robin engine.

so when I do a kit we will probably be doing 2 kits so with money being tight I will probably still do a china & we will swap bikes back & forth

as for a bicycle well we have quite a few we used to ride from full suspension mountain bikes have several of those to his pet that is dissasembled a 26 dropped to a 24 with a rear ballon tire & dual inverted forks with a 20 inch on front he has owned & ridden it that way since he was a teenager & has a luggage rack on front but it is a coaster brake & will have to weld mounts for regular brakes.

we do have an abundance of engines both 2 & 4 cycle from weedeaters to chainsaws to leaf blowers so could always do a custom conversion, I think he keeps like 10+ chainsaws in running condition at all times & has a couple dozen parts saws & several cracked housing leaf blowers with decent running engines.

we have a brand new 10 speed mtb from western auto that is 26 years old but had a bad brake design & never rode it but maybe 10 miles.

we have a few nice road bikes as well from 10 speeds to 18 or 21 speeds & probably 10 to 15 parts bikes laying on pallets in the woods.

If money is tight you will probably want to buy two $125.00 Happy time engines .
Do not buy from revolution cycles, or boy go fast.
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