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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by DRBS View Post
should be but id rather put a 36 on this one I bought the hub adapter from kings and it wasn't the right size silly me didn't read the caliper right thought it was 1.50 but it was 1.25 guess I have two of these hub adapters that ill never use oh well live and to read LOL
The 1.5 hub adapters are for many of the coaster brake hubs like the Shimano CB-E110, Huffy Falcon, K-Stop and a few others, I know you don't use coaster hubs though.

A split bushing could be made and then they could be used on the 1.250 hub size wheels.

If you could find some aluminum tubing with a 1.250 ID and the right wall thickness you could cut a piece, split it and you'd have your bushings to adapter those for the 1.250 hubs.
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