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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by DRBS View Post
its a Schwinn midway 29" steel frame and rims its a newer model motor kit the front mount is a 1 1/2" comes with the nt speed carb and has a really nice cylinder most of the mold lips and other b.s. in the ports are really clean better than most of the ones ive been getting
Dang-it thats right, I remember you saying something about that Schwinn 29er.

I'd like to have on of those frames and I'd put eitheer a 24" or a 26" rear wheel and then 26" with a suspension fork on front for a lower stretched out look.

I like that bike, I bet the standard 44T sprocket gears that 29" wheel similar to what a 26" wheel would be with maybe a 38T.

How is the overall balance of those engines?
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