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Smile Re: Can I use a power generator engine for a bicycle motor

Originally Posted by Motor awesomeness View Post
Ill dumb this down: silverbear, i do have interest in the kits but i got cash instead of a debit card. Also a new kit requires a couple hundred miles break in process requiring proper 2 stroke oil which is expensive, the 4 strike kits on the other hand also require break in and i mess uo the break in, motor is done. The advantages of using a power generator engine like my 6.5 hp backup generator is its already been ran so no break in, just install and ride is what im going for.

And mapbike: i didnt ask if u need advice, it was a little fact
Honestly kid you're dumbing yourself down on here, you live in a condo, have no experience with doing much it seems, you want us to look to you for advice for fix8ng a car and yet you're clueless on how to properly and safely build up a bicycle with an engine on it.....come

We have tried to be nice and give you wise, helpful advice because we want to see you accomplish a fun, enjoyable and safe motorized bicycle, but you refuse to take good sound advice and instead seem to think you have a better idea than the people here that have been building all sorts of things since before you were even squeezed out on this earth.

Wake up kid and pay attention to good advice that is meant to help you out and ould possibly save you some serious pain or maybe even your life.

quit being a know it all, be a man and listen to what you've been told here.

I wish you the best, but you need to do as advised here and just buy a 2 smoker kit or forget the whole thing and wait till you have the ability and place to build you a good bike.
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