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Default Re: Can I use a power generator engine for a bicycle motor

Originally Posted by Motor awesomeness View Post
Ill dumb this down: silverbear, i do have interest in the kits but i got cash instead of a debit card. Also a new kit requires a couple hundred miles break in process requiring proper 2 stroke oil which is expensive, the 4 strike kits on the other hand also require break in and i mess uo the break in, motor is done. The advantages of using a power generator engine like my 6.5 hp backup generator is its already been ran so no break in, just install and ride is what im going for.

And mapbike: i didnt ask if u need advice, it was a little fact
Motor awesomeness, Let me dumb THIS down for you. First, no one on this site thinks your idea is a good one,It's dangerous and illegal. Second, A break in for a two stroke is easy, JUST RIDE IT. THIRD, I buy my 2 stroke oil at walmart, CHEAP!!!
Maybe you and Boygofast can get together and build a bike, At least BGF would finally get ONE bike built. Of course he would have you put it together with wood screws. elmers glue and bailing wire, But you obviously don't care about a proper build, evidenced by the many experts you ignore.
You were given a REAL good idea and ignored it, SELL the gen. and buy a kit.
I don't know why people are even still trying to help you. You keep saying "ALL I HAVE IS CASH". I know a lot of people without bank cards, but I also know a few people that have them. Maybe your mommie or daddy have one, put the cash in their account and order a freaking kit. C;mon dude, how hard can it be. I know yer young, but yer dealing with the grownups now.
So PLEASE, give it up, On THIS site anyway. No one here is gonna help you kill yerself

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