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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Actually did several things to the "Taffy Bike" today, finally got the front mount made from old kit parts I had laying around fixed the way I wanted it and got the engine mounted solid to the bike as it will stay now if all goes according to plan.

The two pix below show it at its "finished" state, I could have made a much simpler front mount or ground the paint off the frame and made a weld on frame engine mounting tab, but I had these parts and I knew they would do just fine for what I needed, so instead of them going to waist I decided to use parts of two different "big frame" kit mounting set ups to make the one mount I needed, It's not real clean and fancy looking but it's rock solid so I'm good with it.

Also I have included a link after the pix to where I posted some info pix of the exhaust flange I built today for the Taffy bike from a grade-8 7/8" ID flat washer and a piece of a front fork I cut off of a just set of forks I had.

Link to exhaust work:
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