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Default Re: Can I use a power generator engine for a bicycle motor

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Man, here you are giving advice again or whatever it is you always do and yet you admit here in this post that you haven't been able to finish even one build, I dont want to be rude or come across as if Im in attack mode but you need to just read, learn and then figure out how to finish your own bike or bikes, before you start giving advice to others.

Have you ever considered that you could give some advice that someone could use because they didnt know any better and that advice ma6 direct them to do something that could get them hurt bad or even worse.

For goodness sakes, quit advising people on here when you dont even know what you're doing yet, this isnt an advice competition, we tell people what we thing they should or shouldn't do based on our personal experience, not just a bunch of blabbering off the top of our heads.

Im not hating on you BOYGOFAST, but seriously... you need to quit advising people on here until you have some personal experience with having success with yourown builds.
Mapbike, did you know i give good advice on fixing cars on google+ ask me which channel, ill link it.
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