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Default Re: Can I use a power generator engine for a bicycle motor

Hey guys, good news and bad news:
The good stuff: My school has an autos club once a week and sometimes twice a week, tools are provided. I got a place to work now!!!
The bad news: Illinois law says for it to be legal without all the hassle of rego, insurance, etc., The motor has to be LESS THAN 1 HP (Epic fail by 5.5 HP) and CANNOT GO FASTER THAN 20 MPH ON A FLAT PAVED SURFACE (Another epic fail cause i know 6.5 HP can get at least 40 MPH ungoverned), also 1 HP can propell a bike up to 30 MPH WITHOUT ASSISTANCE OF PEDALLING, just starting from a dead stop requires pedal assistance. And that is deep into moped territory and probably motorcycle territory (Law says 50cc or less for a moped, i got 212 cc, ANOTHER EPIC FAIL). How do i make my motorized bicycle with a 212 cc engine to be legally defined as a LOW SPEED GAS POWERED BICYCLE as the state calls it?
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