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Default Re: tight fit... rubbing? help wanted!

Originally Posted by virtuoso View Post
Hey guys gotta lil issue... My chain is very very close to my tire, its almost rubbing... What can I do? The chainstay doesn't give any room for play... I'm stuck pls help.. It's a micargi falcon gts... All kit parts, I did just order the sprocket adapter from gasbike yesterday hoping it might help, but mainly cus I my back tire keeps coming untrue even with new rim... I think the spoke mount sprocket is the culprit...
Thanks guys...
very good chance you've already done what you need to do to remedy the problem, the hub adapter will allow you to align things better, so Id wait until you get that setup before being to much more concerned.

Get that adapter installed and then see what you have, bet you will have it fixed then.

Best wishes...
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