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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Originally Posted by View Post
are you sure you order from us ? what is your order number i will investigate this. i think you're here just to bash us. so can you post your order number up so i can look up your order? we don't even have a picture up on our website with roundhead?
i sent you an email already

50cc bicycle engine kits EPA Certified

that sure looks like a round head to me and thats what i purchased... notice the blue sticker and name plate

edit 2-12-09:thank you for changing the pic....hopefully you wont have anymore issues

50cc bicycle engine kits

thats what i got....same white sticker on the raw name plate

your replys to my email was the same as your reply in the forum

im not gunna argue with just tellin it like it is

buyer beware....dont trust the website or the pics posted

motorbiker linked your site to the motor he got......i assumed he got it from you

even if he didnt the fact is still your pic is of a round head engine and im just warning those who might want one to not go by the misrepresenting pics you have

and it doesnt sound like you want to reslove anything....your sidestepping

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