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Default Re: Question for KCVale about the 10G

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Are you sure the 5G is a straight shaft?
I have never had one but I would say that they are a tapered shaft HS motor.
I think you may be right...


It looks like the clutch bell is on a shaft in the case.
I suppose it would have to be to hold two little chain sprockets so that's good news for you 5G owners when your chains get too loose!

We had to final prep a build for delivery yesterday afternoon but I personally took the Fito out for a couple runs around the block until the chains broke in some and it is all I expected, damn smooth and I hit the sweet spot for gearing for most riders.

It still needs a little more innovation for easily adjusting the idler pulley and of course a LOT more cosmetic work but this is how she sits this morning before we continue on today.

I had forgotten how gutless the 142 was with the stock plug and exhaust but I am getting a speedo with a tach so I can document just how much difference in real numbers the simple cheap upgrades like plug and exhaust can make in performance.

I have been trying to keep the new base as simple as possible but the bottom line is it has a lot of work to do so it's not a simple design.
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