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Default Re: Question for KCVale about the 10G

Originally Posted by Skjaret View Post
Will the 10G setup be able to be swapped for the 5g from bike berry.
and what extra parts would be needed to make it work?

The stage III and 7G are all for the 142F long 5/8" straight shaft engine with the clutch and clutch bell on the shaft.

The 4G and 10G are for the 142F-1G short tapered shaft engine with the clutch attached to engine, and the clutch bell mounted on a bearing shaft in the transfer case.

I haven't decided what 4G transfer case upgrade options I will offer yet, but it should be easy with the new mount base and just the KCK Long shaft assembly, it just bolts right in the 4G TC base.

My design topic for this is here.

I start that link on page 2 as this a year long topic in the making and the first page is experimenting and early design stuff.

Cole has it outside putting gas and oil in for the initial test riding as I type this, that topic will have pics and results first.
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