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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Got a few things done today... First off I got my customer's bike done and started for the first time, like usual, the first start on a new engine took some effort but afterwards it was starting easier and easier, I just did a few heat cycles on the engine by starting the engine and reving it to keep it frfom sitting at one rpm, did this for about 15 minutes and shut it down once it reached about 300 degrees at the head. second start I did the same thing but rode it around in my parking lot until the engine got nice and hot then let it cool down. Tomorrow I'll check everything out and re tighten anything that may have worked loose as well as readjust the chain but otherwise this one's just about ready to give back.

Went to work mine some and ported out another new jug close to the same as the old one but with much wider exhaust port and intake port, I also knife edged both sides of the transfers on this one as well as opening up the transfer tunnels a lot wider. I still need to split the cases and match the transfers to the jug since originally I never bothered to do this... this engine was supposed to be a temporary fix until I could get my other engine done up right and the crank trued and balanced, but the Dax engine proved to be superior and the old engine is just for mock up builds now.
Once the porting was done I put the jug on the engine that's still in the frame and started to take measurements when I noticed something not so right about my frame's lower tube... Took the engine all the way out to investigate and saw the frame had a nice sized crack under the mount so with this bike having such a tight frame it makes it hard as **** to work on I decided to cut out the damage to weld in some fresh metal when I got the idea just to cut the bottom tube all the way out and put in a new tube that's smaller diameter but with thicker wall thickness... the original frame tubing was a LOT thinner than I thought... like 16 gauge exhaust tubing... Anyway, I got a new tube bent and ready to notch then I'll have to run and refill my argon bottle tomorrow and I'll weld in the new bottom tube along with some serious gusset work to make sure this frame is up to the task of going 40+ on a daily basis.

For my other build... I didn't get my OCC stingray frame this weekend so I couldn't do much there except clean up the wheels and re grease the bearings etc... I may also re lace the rear wheel with thicker spokes even tho I'm planning on using a Manic type rear hub adapter instead of the rag joint, those 14 gauge spokes just look really thin on that big fat wheel..
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