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Default A choke mod so good that I have to share it!

I can't claim credit for the idea. When I was a newbie, spring 2008, a veteran described this idea in a post somewhere. And I've kept it in mind ever since.

I can't remember who it was. Maybe Wheelbender? Maybe AZBill? I think it was someone in the Southwest. Whoever it was deserves kudos for some good thinking.

Anyway, this mod will give good control of the choke from the handlebar. Use the twist shifter that used to control your front derailleur and run the cable to the choke.

On my bike, with an offset intake, I had to make a fairly large L bracket to serve as the cable sheath stop. On most builds it could be a good deal smaller. The return spring is that spring that comes with the kit for the clutch.
From left side.JPG

One word of warning; You can not attach the cable out at the end of the choke lever. Where the little nubs for your fingers are located. The reason is that your shifter does not have enough 'throw' to cover all spots from 'fully open' to 'fully closed'. I learned that the hard way.

You must attach that cable closer to the fulcrum of the lever.

Let's there anything else I need to explain? I doubt it. It's a pretty simple modification and I'm sure the pics tell the story.

Go ahead and do this. You won't be sorry. My chilly morning starts have been so much easier and smoother with precise fingertip choke control. It's pure luxury.
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