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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

".......the bike in his CAR TRUNK it leaks gas LOL and now it has gas flowing out the carb. Well that's fine and dandy so I pull the float bowl off the carb and its full of water he leaves his gas can outside and when it rained the other day it got water in the gas can now he sais I f&%ked his bike up go figure I must have gone to his home put water in........" --DRBS

From time to time I've pondered building and selling these bikes. I'll probably give it a shot one day. But one of the things that's held me back is stuff like this. I wonder if it's worth while to have people coming back and claiming that I sold them garbage when the real trouble is 'operator stupidity'. I'd have to make a pretty darned good profit on the bike to put up with that.

I've been building and riding these bikes since the spring of 2008. During that time I"ve seen quite a few other motored bikes. Mostly china girls. What I haven't seen is any of these guys sticking around. I'll see some guy once, and sometimes twice, and then he'll disappear.

I guess these folks just don't have the moxie to do what it takes to keep these in good working order.
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