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Wink Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by DRBS View Post
I have had three bikes come to me they run great for about 2 minutes then die like they were out of gas take the cap off no theres gas start it up goes right away then dies come to find out they added a gasket to the cap cause it was "loose" what they did was seal the tank completely so as gas is used it makes a vacuum in the tank then no gas would go down the line so now this guy brings it back saying when he puts the bike in his CAR TRUNK it leaks gas LOL and now it has gas flowing out the carb. Well that's fine and dandy so I pull the float bowl off the carb and its full of water he leaves his gas can outside and when it rained the other day it got water in the gas can now he sais I f&%ked his bike up go figure I must have gone to his home put water in his gas can so he would bring it back to me to fix so I guess that I have to figure out how I know where this guy lives where he puts his gas can at and rig his bike to run bad !!!!!!!!!!!! got to love the thinking of some people. I love the work and the money but DAMN that's funny as ****!!! any other horror stories like this??? lets start a thread for the stories of the crazy peoples bikes we fix
Tell him to switch to electric, its pretty hard to mix water with the fuel for those
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