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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I agree on the adapter as mine is also measuring 1" or just under... I also need to get one that's 1.25" for my newest build but no hurry on either of them right now...

Today was seriously slow at the shop since it's been raining a LOT so I spent most the day working my customer's bike to perfection. I got the engine mounted nice and secure, got all the cables set up so they don't look like a rat's nest, swapped out his giant cruiser bars for a set of mountainbike bars, set up his fuel line and took his tank off for a serious cleaning... The chinese left a lot of gifts of paint chips, teflon tape, and metal shavings in there and the filter screen was completely blocked off. I even had to flush out his fuel valve as well as take it apart to get the rest of the junk out.
Clutch adjusted and chain set up with just the right tension and soldered the mag wires to the CDI then covered everything with heat shrink.
This bike came to me as a total mess with wires all over the place, cables wrapped around the frame and all over the place, an exhaust pipe that was beat to death with a sledge hammer, and a number of other problems, but now it rolls nice and free, the cables are routed nice, there's only one set of wires from the mag to the CDI and they're heat shrinked together so the install is nice and clean.

I wanted to fire it up today but ran into problems getting fuel out of the tank so that set me back, but I did get the bike finished so tomorrow when I come over here to the shop I'll take it out and fire it up to make sure everything is working as it should then I'll call the customer to come see the bike and let me know if that's how he envisioned it to be. He'll most likely want a layback seat post and an expansion chamber pipe as well as a Fred head but I'll see if he wants to take it as is and put some miles on it first or if he wants to give me some money to order the parts etc...
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